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mother i must feed

Mother, why do you cry?

I want to see a Mastiff sized baby.

Oh god. This is too uncanny. Do not want.





mother i must feed

Mother, why do you cry?

I want to see a Mastiff sized baby.

Oh god. This is too uncanny. Do not want.


Queen of Sheba

My Skin Chemistry:This review will be most accurate for people whose skin brings out citrus, floral, and sweet smells the strongest.

Her scent is a bounty of golden honeyed almonds and a whisper of African and Middle Eastern spices.

Another scent picked up for a character! I have high expectations for this one. Almond is a favorite.

In the bottle: The honeyed almonds are pretty much all I can smell and I am perfectly fine with that.

Wet on skin: Exactly as in the bottle, really. The spices become just a touch more prominent in the pulling-away-my-wrist moments. It’s peeking out from the tail of the notes. But it’s mostly delicious honey-sugar-almond smell.

Dry on skin: The sweetness has (gradually) faded away completely to leave only the spices behind. They’re a bit heavy but not too much so and a lovely contrast to all that earlier sweetness. A warm, sensual ending to a scent that started off with an immediate sharpness. Hands down one of my new favorite scents.


Temporary Shut Down


Hi everyone. Just when I thought I was getting everything back in order, life decided to side swipe me with a rather shitty M Night style twist. This is entirely personal, and I assure you it’s not a health issue, but is going to require me to likely move. If not to somewhere else in the city, then across state lines.

I have no choice but to temporarily close shop, and it’s indetermiante when I will be open once again. I’m hoping it all goes rather swiftly, and I can be back up by late October, and make sure that everyone can get their holiday shopping done.




As of today I have retired 15 of my scents, due to lack of sales and trying to keep from spreading myself thin.

These retired scents include:

- Blood Bath
- Boba
- The Cake is a Lie
- Cantina Band
- Companion Cube
- Creeper
- Die gute Fee
- Djinni
- Leaf on the Wind
- Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster
- Persinette
- Poisoned Apple
- Setite
- Sonic Screwdriver

You can buy up any remaining stock of these scents by accessing the new ‘Retired’ section of my shop:

As much as I would love to continue offering all of these scents, I’ve realized that it’s not particularly good for my business, or myself. I’ve been stretching myself pretty thin, and have actually been considering closing the shop, due to financial struggles. I believe that perhaps just some well-placed pruning every once in a while may keep me from getting in over my head.

In other news, Etsy has introduced an option that is going to allow me to streamline my shop into a beautiful efficiently running machine. I can now add variables to listings, as seen below:


I will be updating every scent to have a single listing that includes all available options. This should allow for a lot easier browsing and shopping for you guys.

As always, thanks for sticking with me for so long!




Theme Chosen by Medievalpoc Patrons: Fiction Week!

Starting this Monday 10/6/14, Medievalpoc will be posting awesome fiction featuring diverse characters and stories, including Historical Fiction and Fantasy, Dystopian Lit, Steampunk and Sci Fi, from graphic novels to classic literature!

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Finally, I can present you my little comic ‘Hearts for Sale’. These are the first 10 pages.
I’m very nervous about this since it’s my first self-published book. I hope you like the story.
Read Part 2/ Part 3

Read the whole thing through. *wheeze* Right in the feels!

Not a full review but I give this one a huuuge thumbs up and a recommend. Read and enjoy!





The New Lilith Update Plus Mr. Skelly and Hellboy’s Hand Of Doom



The Black Phoenix Trading Post update is live, with new blends for Lilith and treasures to hold them.


A Moment in Time

Quiet moments with Lilith mean so much to me.

Nothing compares to the joy of watching her as she experiences things for the first time, and I’m grateful to be part of it.

A tranquil scent, illuminated by joy and warm with the serenity of love: bourbon vanilla and soft sandalwood with tiare, white fig, sweet benzoin, guiac wood, French lavender, and a touch of warm patchouli.

A Stroll Through the Quarter

People are always asking me, “Why do you carry Lilith on your shoulders all the time?”

My answer is… simply because I love her. Someday she won’t want me to pick her up, and it will break my heart. “Pick me up, daddy!” will always be answered with a yes.

Incense smoke drifting out from the basilica mingling with oleander, just-flamed bananas foster, and a splash of Dorian.

Captain Lilith and her First Mate

Our boots and clothes are all in pawn!

Go down ye blood red roses, go down!

A Little Pirate’s indulgence: rum cupcakes and vanilla ice cream with a hot toddy.

Flying Kites

Every summer is the best summer ever when I’m with Lilith. She’s my little wildflower.
Running barefoot in the grass.

Flying a kite with Lilith.

Being a dad.

Life is good.

Crushed grass, sweet pine sap, and California wildflowers.

Mornings in New Orleans

I love early morning walking with Lilith and showing her my favorite city in the entire world.

Hearing the horse carriages drive past.

Riding the trolley cars.

Eating breakfast at the Camellia Grill, where the staff knows her by name.

Eating beignets and getting powdered sugar all over us while we watch the Mississippi river flow by.

Just another perfect morning in New Orleans.

The scent of chicory coffee (au lait!) and sugared pastries.

Playing Tag in a Garden Full of Gods

The Gods might be pleased to know that Lilith and I use their garden for a rousing game of tag.

Jasmine tea with gardenia, white roses, Egyptian tuberose, and bergamot.

Pralines and Powdered Sugar

Where does Lilith get her sense of humor?

Praline ice cream and beignet dust.

New Statuary: Mr. Skelly and Hellboy

Mr. Skelly Wall Plague

The cheerful Mr. Skelly is a stout wall plaque, crafted to be hung in a place of honor in your home, office, temple, abbatoir, or crypt.

He was conceived , designed, sculpted, and produced in North America by the talented people (and cats!) at Great Beard. This skelly plaque was created by Great Beard for Black Phoenix Trading Post, and cannot be found anywhere else in any of the nine realms.

Hellboy’s Hand Of Doom

This sculpture was inspired by Eisner-award winning Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. The hand of Doom was crafted to hold one bottle of your favorite BPAL oil.

It stands 5 ¼ inches tall and weighs 2oz.

Mike is a fantastic artist and storyteller, and we’re honored to work with him! A huge thanks to Mike and Christine Mignola for giving us the opportunity to create scents and sculptures based on the Hellboy universe!

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Use PayPal to make a purchase at Delightful Rot this weekend and save 20%!


Use PayPal to make a purchase at Delightful Rot this weekend and save 20%!